Communion Preparation and Clean Up

If you think about this ministry, it is humbling. You have the HONOR of preparing the Lord’s supper…filling the communion cups and bread trays. You are asked to sign up for an entire month and you prepare the trays on the Saturday before Sunday church. Then after Sunday morning services you collect the trays and clean them. You will certainly be blessed by this serving opportunity.

Communion Juice Purchase

Each month someone is responsible for purchasing the juice for communion. This easy task is another way to get plugged into one of those “behind the scenes” jobs, yet one that is vital to make the church run smoothly.

Dinner Teams

Being on a dinner team is fun! Yes, it is a bit of work, but well worth your efforts. Dinner teams take turns doing events. Teams are asked to help prep food before a dinner and then clean up afterwards. Extra hands are always needed on these teams!

Milk and Orange Juice Purchase

If you come to Sunday School you know we offer DONUTS! But along with these delicious pastries we need something to wash them down with. This serving opportunity does not require a big time commitment, but is greatly needed. You are asked to purchase milks and juice and bring to the church prior to Sunday mornings. You’ll be added to a rotating list and will be asked to do this for the entire month assigned to you.


Oh, our sweet little ones. Nursery is so very important. This allows parents to worship while someone volunteers to watch their wee ones. Like other serving opportunities, you will be put on a rotating list and will be asked to serve about once a month.