Children’s Ministry Team

Team Leader: Bryce Pitlick

The children’s ministry team focuses on helping children from Pre-K thru 5th Grade to know who God is, His great love for us, and how He wants us to follow Him. Our goal is to plant seeds of faith in children so they will choose to follow Jesus the rest of their lives. There are several programs/events we provide to build relationships with kids and to teach them about our loving God. Some of the programs/events we do are: Wednesday Night Bible Study, Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp and a Christmas program.

Youth Ministry Team

Team Leader: Bryce Pitlick

The youth ministry team focuses on helping teens from 6th grade thru 12th grade to know God, and not just know about Him. We want our teens to experience Jesus and develop their own faith in Him before they leave high school. Our goal is to build relationships with teens and provide programs/events to be challenged, to serve, and to have fun together. Some of the programs/events we do are: Wednesday Night Bible Study, Youth Conferences, Christian Concerts, Service Projects, and Summer Camp.

Christian Education Team


Team Co-Leaders: Gary Pruitt, Jerry Aken and Bryce Pitlick

The Christian Education Team oversees the curriculum for all educational programs at ECC. We have the joy of building a core knowledge base of Bible stories for Pre K – 5th grade. As students mature into Jr. High and High School we help them build a faith that is their own, by understanding what God has done and what He has called us to be. Learning continues with classes from young adults to senior citizens, reaffirming beliefs and challenging students to an active faith.

The biggest asset to the Christian Ed team is our teachers. Each of them loves God and their students. This is the only way God’s work gets done. We invite you to be a part of our work here by joining a one of the many programs we offer.

Events Team

Team Co-Leaders: Steve and Jennifer Harsy

Our Mission is to help all teams in planning events to increase fellowship among church members and friends. We strive to encourage, excite, direct and support all aspects of our Church. We will keep a live calendar for all to see and assist in each events planning process when needed. We feel good fellowship helps create a Healthy Church. A Healthy Church is a growing active Church. We encourage everyone to get more involved by knowing what is happening in your church. Join us on the Events Team. Your direct connection to the Elkville Christian Church.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Facilities Team

Team Co-Leaders: Jamie Snyder and Jason Cobin

The Faciliteis Team does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. Mowing the lawn and building maintenance, but also duties that fall under this team would be decorating the building, chair moving, painting, and the like.

Finance Team

Team Leader: Lyle Thompson

The Finance Team’s main focus is on the daily financial obligations of the Church. As well as overseeing the incoming and outgoing finances and bank accounts, the team puts out a budget for every year, and sees that the Church, as well as the individual ministry teams, operates within the parameters set by the budget.

Another aspect of the Finance Team is overseeing our Building Fund, as we are currently looking into starting another Building Pledge program.

Guest Services Team

Team Leader: Dale Odom

Our team is a group of special individuals that truly care for each and every soul that passes through the doors of our Church, providing a personal expression of Christian warmth, and kindness. Organized friendliness that focuses on the needs of worshipers from the time they enter God’s house until the time they exit, enhances the worship experience. An honest smile and a heartfelt handshake may well be a cup of cold water given in Christ’s name to a thirsty soul.

Our Mission is that worshipers of all ages feel appreciated, welcome, and comfortable, right at home, looking forward to their next visit. Our responsibility is creating a positive first impression with our members and our Guests. This team’s focus is on creating a comfortable environment, which is inviting to our Guests and encourages them to know Christ and His Church.

The Guest Services Ministry Team meets the second Sunday of every Month following services. Please feel welcome to join us at any time.

Marketing Team

Team Co-Leaders: Beth Alongi and Lisa Pruitt

The Marketing Team is new! A need was seen for a team to oversee the website, social media, design work, manage event photos, create digital signage, assist with marketing materials and much more. There are several areas that need attention and the team will work in phases. Currently our team consists of a webmaster, blogger, event scheduler, and a creative thinker/content manager. Our mission is to bring awareness, both internally and externally, to everything ECC has to offer by using marketing tools that are available to us. The world needs told about God’s plan for salvation and we hope to spread Jesus’ love with creative energy and technology!

 Missions Team

Team Leader: Gordon Burroughs

The missions team at ECC currently has 3 members: Gordon Burroughs, John Halstead, and Mark Wilson, with the help from Cayla, Gary, and Bryce. One of our jobs is to oversee the funds collected each week as 10% of our offering is earmarked for missions. We currently support 10 different areas of Christian service on a monthly basis. We also support activities here at this Church as well as people who travel to serve and promote the Gospel in other areas or other countries. HELPING PEOPLE from this Church and the surrounding community is also a big part of the missions team.

 Outreach Team

helping hand
Team Leader: Ron Kreid

This team focuses on outreach and evangelizing to area communities. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to preach door to door, but we are asking you to actively seek out needs that are in the community and how we can bring those, who do not have Christ in their lives, to ECC. Being a cheerleader for Christ and spreading the word of our events to the surrounding communities is what we do.

Praise Team

Team Leader: Lance Weil

Okay, let’s get something straight: the ECC Praise Team does not exist for entertainment purposes, nor is it a place to show off or get attention. We do try to convey enthusiasm and to “set the mood” for worship, and sometimes that may come off as “putting on a show”. Well, I personally don’t believe God wants us to hold back, so we will continue to praise Him with all the energy He has given to us.

The Praise Team’s mission is to give glory to God, keeping the attention on Him, and to help everyone present draw closer to the Creator through worship. When you offer the sacrifice of praise, you get so much more than you put in – and when you look around at all we have and consider the grace poured out for us, how can you NOT praise the Lord? Whether it’s a 200 year-old hymn or a brand new song, our Father loves to hear His children sing! Psalm 150:6 says “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. Are you breathing? Then that means you!

 Prayer Team

Team Leader: Position Open

This ministry is all about prayer – the act of talking to God. Prior to the morning service this team gathers together to pray for all those who enter the sanctuary. A prayer list is maintained as well as a prayer chain that can be activated at a moment’s notice. If you have a prayer concern please complete a prayer card in the foyer or post your prayer request on the website. We would consider it an honor to pray for your needs. 

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