The Hands 4 Christ ministry is praise and worship using sign language, black lights, and white gloves. This is a dramatic and inspiring event. The ministry is made up of kids of all ages that love Christ and want to be a part of something wonderful. The kids range from Preschool age to High School age. The ministry has learned a number of songs and continue to learn more.

The hope is that these kids can show others their love for Christ through their interpretation. They are willing to travel to other churches or other locations.

Hands 4 Christ is totally awesome. You get to perform with black lights, black clothes, and white gloves. It is a blast and a privilege to be able to learn sign language to Christ based songs. It made me feel as if I was put there to help bring other people closer to God!

Alexandria Ratajczak
Former ECC Hands 4 Christ Member

I was lucky enough to be able to see the Hands 4 Christ group at ECC when my family and I were visiting relatives on Easter Sunday. Just thinking about it still gives me goose bumps on my arms. When my sister-in-law told me that they were going to perform, I had no idea the treat that I was in for. It was very dramatic, very moving, and very entertaining. My 7-year-old daughter told me she wished we lived in Elkville so she could be a part of Hands 4 Christ! I would recommend them wholeheartedly for anyone wishing to see something new and exciting at their worship service or church event.

Julie Fletcher
New Hope, Minnesota

We are very proud of our Hands 4 Christ kids here at ECC. Under the direction of some very talented leaders, they present the gospel in a very unique and special way. The ages of the kids vary, but their dedication to be the best that they can is very evident. If you get the opportunity, be sure and see them perform.

Jerry Aken
Senior’s Minister at ECC

Hands 4 Christ is truly an awe-inspiring ministry that will touch the hearts and souls of those who witness it. This powerful presentation, though performed in the dark, will laminate your service and will witness to your congregation in a multitude of ways. Perhaps one of the most moving parts of this ministry, is that God is using a group of young children to spread the gospel, without saying a word.

Lisa Bastien
Elkville Christian Church